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Southbourne Village Hall

Hall Management Committee


We are a charity organisation, registration number: 301762. The committee is made up of volunteers who are who are from the local Parish. We meet regularly and manage the running of the village hall.
Currently we are working on making the hall safe for all users, following the pandemic.  COVID-19. We have recently decorated the small office, in addition to this we are  planning further improvement works. This includes plans to replace the village hall roof, redesigning the small office/ cleaning cupboard and updating the fire/ risk regulations, which will include some works on improving the outdated current systems.
If you are interested in joining the committee then please do hesitate to let us know as we are always looking for new members.
Your committee is made up of trustees ;

 Chris Bulbeck- Chair of village hall
Pam Dobson, Booking ckerk
Roger Gowlett, Treasurer & Deputy Chair
Karen Hayes - Secretary
Patricia Dhrif- Trustee
Robert Hayes – Trustee
Marjorie Bulbeck- Trustee


Meetings & Accounts

Committee Meetings Date Download
  January 2021 HERE
  November 2020 HERE
  September 2020 HERE
  August 2020 HERE
  March 2020 HERE
  January 2020 HERE
  September 2019 HERE
AGMs Date Download
  18th January 2021 HERE
  27th January 2020 HERE

Annual Reports & Accounts Date Download
  September 2019 HERE
  September 2018 HERE